abhainn: (n., Gael.) river
álainn: (adj., Gael.) beautiful=
beau fleuve (Fr.)=

Abanalan at Pausa

Abanalan, Irish for “Beautiful River”, officially launched at Pausa Art House on Saturday, April 3rd, 2016 to a standing room-only crowd. The band includes regional standouts in the Irish trad scene (left to right): Stephanie Benson (fiddle), Tim Benson (Uilleann pipes, flute, whistles, fiddle), Maureen Bluett (vocals, bodhran and mandolin), and Mark Warford (cittern, tenor guitar, vocals). Abanalan features inspired sets of Irish dance tunes and song arrangements infused with a unique alchemy.

Catch members around town at the Saturday afternoon Celtic Seisiún at Nietzsche’s or the First Friday Seisiún at Del Denby’s Pub. Tim and Stephanie, in addition to being accomplished Irish traditional musicians, are Uilleann pipe makers by trade. Check out their website: BensonCorneliusPipes.com

If you have feedback or are interested in booking, we encourage you to contact us (see below). Check the Performance Calendar for upcoming gigs.


Performance for Rochester Comhaltas. 

Mark and Maureen at Shannon Pub

Mark and Tim guest hosting the seisiún at Barry´s Old School Pub in Webster, NY

Tim on his nation-wide tour with the Nashville Celts

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