Setanta 1

Setanta is a trio of musicians with deep roots in the Irish musical tradition. With decades of experience performing in many venues, from concert stages to the corner pub, the musicians of Setanta bring you  the pure drop – the finest tunes and songs from the deep well of traditional music of Ireland.

Gregor Harvey was a fixture in the Boston seisiún scene as well as a frequent performer on guitar and mandolin before moving to Buffalo in 2007.  Mark Warford was an established performer in the Irish scene in East Tennessee before moving to Buffalo and founding the traditional Celtic Seisiún at Nietzsche’s. Natalie Bennett has a lifetime of experience as a traditional and classical fiddler and deep generational roots in the South Buffalo Irish community.

If you have feedback or are interested in booking, we encourage you to contact us (see below). Check the Performance Calendar for upcoming gigs.


Gregor singing at Nickel City Frets performance

The Terriers, featuring Stephanie, Tim and Mark, joined by Gregor Harvey (oldy but goody!)